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We are students at ACT Training in Hadfield Rd in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. ACT is Wales' largest and most successful training provider.

We have created this app as part of a national competition called ‘The Money for Life Challenge’. We are studying animal care and wanted to educate people about responsible pet ownership.

This calculator has been designed to help people budget effectively for the costs of caring for animals throughout their lives and not just the initial purchase. It's important that pet owners can meet the needs of their pets.

The prices included in this app are for guidance only and are based on average costs. We also suggest that you look into pet insurance for your animal as vet bills can be very costly.

If you decide to care for an animal you need to be able to meet all of its needs and budget for any emergencies and unexpected costs. These guide costs are correct at time of creation – May 2013.

Some animals are social animals and others will need to be housed alone to meet the requirements for that species. Further advice about housing animals together should be sought from a reputable breeder or pet store and should be based on the individual animals needs in line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


The Sun Newspaper - App of the week 26th May 2013

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